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GDPR compliance that works for you.

Helping global pharmaceutical product and medical device research interpret EU and UK GDPR legislation

Our industry-focused data protection specialists work with you as an extension of your team. We develop a professional partnership you can trust and give you the peace of mind that your research endeavours are on the right side of EU data protection laws, ensuring GDPR compliance for as long as you hold or process personal data.

Our clients can rely on our GDPR compliance consultants to deliver work that meets the highest professional, ethical and business standards.

Our GDPR compliance consultants are passionate about keeping pharmaceutical research worldwide compliant with European GDPR so you can concentrate on what you do best – innovating to continually improve the quality of patients’ lives and healthcare systems.

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global gdpr compliance consultants

Supporting clinical trial clients on every step of their data protection and data privacy journey

Compliance with data protection and privacy requirements is an ongoing process – for as long as you hold or process data. We provide our clients with the tools, assistance, and expertise to safeguard data subjects’ privacy at every stage.

Project Team and Initial documentation

We listen to our clients. We anticipate your needs and challenges based on our specialist data protection knowledge and pharma/biotech experience and strive to provide compliance solutions that work for you.

Implementing enhanced documentation

We operate as a team, collaborating and sharing information and knowledge with our clients and stakeholders. We sweat the detail, saving you time and money by helping you improve data processing and reporting efficiency.

Stage #1 and #2 and beyond

We have a united goal to ensure the careful handling of all personal data. We understand EU data protection from a pharma industry perspective. We can train your management and clinical teams in data privacy and protection, empowering them to play their part by adopting good working practices.

Data Protection and Data Privacy Training for management and clinical teams

We identify and adapt to changes within the regulatory and legislative landscape, ensuring our advice is always accurate. Providing you with the reassurance that our compliance services align with GDPR regulatory requirements.

Pharma Data Protection

EU and UK GDPR-compliant privacy programmes that work for you

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